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Our Beagles

Welcome to our hounds page!

Miller Outdoors - Beagles
Miller Outdoors Mona Lisa
Miller Outdoors Jack Be Quick
Hunter, Jetta

News: Hare hunting season began on Oct. 1 and runs through the end of March.

We all know good hounds don't grow on trees.  When we raise a litter it will always be for our own use -- first and foremost.  We will not raise litters to simply sell.  For example, there will usually be extra pups in any given litter over and above the 1 or 2 that we desire to raise, train and hunt.  We will occasionally have a started hound for sale.  They are often hounds that we put quite a lot of time into and they end up not quite suiting us. We'll never sell a junk dog; just something that doesn't quite cut it for our pack, for one reason or another (yes, we're fairly picky, and sometimes it's about things that don't have anything to do with running a rabbit).  So, if we have a started hound that we're offering for sale, it'll make someone an adequate rabbit dog.

For a listing of any Dogs and/or Pups that we currently have for sale click here.

To get your name on our Beagle Pup Waiting List, for one of our future pup click here.

On that page we will try to have current pictures and as much information as possible on any dog that we may have for sale. If you are interested in a dog that we may have for sale, or our hounds bloodlines please feel free to contact us.  We will attempt to answer all correspondence in a timely fashion.

Beagle Puppies For Sale Newsletter

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Started Beagles For Sale Newsletter

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In our hounds we value the following characteristics...

  • Disposition [bidability and enthusiasm -- they must succumb to being easily handled -- they are here to serve and obey]
  • Intelligence [without brains, the best nose in the world is useless]
  • Nose [without a superior nose, the best searcher isn't of much use on days with little scent.]
  • Hunt ability [search, hitting the brush]
  • Adaptable footspeed [walk on tough scenting days if necessary - fly on good days.]
  • Mouth [good, audible voice and used properly, no babbling]
  • Looks [conformation -- the 'beagle standard']
  • Purebred [Registered with reputable purebred dog registry, official documentation of lineage]

It would be very hard to put these qualities in a true 'order of importance', but we have attempted to list them in an order which we personally find most beneficial to us in the field.  These are qualities that we desire and breed for.  Can anyone ensure that a pup will come out as desired?  Of course not.  But, the odds of getting a desirable dog, when you intimately know the details of the sire and dam, greatly increase.  Without all of these qualities, no dog is a complete beagle -- in our opinion.  Can you hunt (or have a great companion) with a 'less-than-complete' beagle?  Sure you can, but for us the end goal is what we've outlined above.  That's what we're shooting for.  Any dog that we breed to will have proven his/her ability individually and in a pack -- under all demanding conditions that we encounter in New England.  They will have been deemed to be a credit to the breed and well above average.  Something you really can't hope for from a 'huge' breeder, or a 'puppy mill'.

Click here for more of our rabbit hunting and beagle photos.

Click here to watch some video clips of our hounds in action!

Click here to read some of our published rabbit hunting and Beagle training related articles

Have great snow dogs? Why not take our Winter Challenge?

If you're interested in ordering any of our videos of our hounds in action (full of actual hare hunting footage), then click here for info. All videos are available in DVD or VHS.

Also, we're currently working on 2 other hare hunting/Beagle videos. Click here for more info.