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Beagle Puppy Waiting List

Thank you for your interest in purchasing one of our Beagle pups.  We're truly flattered by the incredible interest in our Beagles.  If you end up bringing one of our pups home, we trust that they'll fulfill their intended purpose.  That's why we have our puppy guarantee.

Beagle puppies
Beagle puppies
Beagle puppy

This list was implemented due to the high pup demand. We've determined that this is the only fair way to document who's next in line to receive a pup, and ensure that folks seriously interested in one of our Beagle pups are able to get one.

Below is a listing of folks who have made their waiting list deposit and are awaiting a puppy.

First on list get first pick of future available pups and also first refusal.  They will have the option of picking one of the available pups, or waiting for a future litter.  It is their choice.  After pups are born, and we know how many extra we'll have, we'll go right down the list and offer them to these folks who have made this $50 deposit.  Deposit goes towards the cost of the puppy.

These folks will get the first option of reserving our future pups, or they can choose to stay on the waiting list; thus getting higher up the ladder in the order of puppy selection for following litters.  Only after everyone on our waiting list has been contacted will we offer a puppy for sale to the general public, that has not gotten on this list.  It is unlikely that folks not on this list have any chance at one of our future pups.

Our pups are well socialized, temperament tested, wormed at 2, 3, 5 & 7 weeks of age, have 2 sets of puppy shots & leave here with a health guarantee, a container of the feed they've been on, a full certified pedigree and appropriate registration papers.

We require that if you are unable to keep the dog, at any time in it's life, for any reason it will be returned to us without charge. At no time are any of our dogs to be placed in rescue or a shelter as we will always take back a dog from our breeding no matter the reason.

To get your name on this list, and ensure that you get your choice of one of our Beagle pups, click here.

 Male Pups
Female Pups
last name
last name
1. Lehman^
1. Lewis*
2. George^
2. Stout^
3. Gauthier^ (or female)
3. Wolfe^
4. Laflamme^ (or female)
4. Perry^
5. Chartier^ (started)
5. Gouveia^
6. Mieldazis^
6. Feggins^
7. Radley^
7. Riggle^
8. Watchus^
8. Lenz^
9. Green^
10. Radley^
11. Esposito^
12. Pruyne^ (started)

Note for folks on the list: please keep us updated of your latest contact information. If your e-mail address changes, please notify us of it. We'll make 3 attempts to contact you when it's your turn on the list (via. each contact method that we have on file for you), then we'll move on to the next person. If we have no contact with a list member for a period of 3 years after we attempt to contact you then we'll assume you no longer seek a pup and that name will be removed from the list.

* = locked in at previous puppy price of: males $375, females $450
^ = locked in at previous puppy price of: males $400, females $475
Current price: males $450, females $525

All deposits go toward the final sale price.  Non-refundable, under any circumstances, unless we are unable to provide you a puppy within one year from receiving your deposit. There are no exceptions, so please don't send us a deposit if you're not 100% sure that you want one of our Beagle pups.

Also, please indicate if you'd prefer to have the pup started for you. We'll keep your pup (after it's paid for in full) until he/she is started on rabbits.  You must pick them up as soon as they're started [this means that they'll be tonguing on a line by themselves and able to make forward progress with it] (most likely at 4 to 7 months old) and the fee is an additional $400 (this includes food, standard vaccinations and worming -- any additional vet. charges will be your responsibility).  If you'd prefer to leave the pup longer please contact us for additional details.

Once your $50 deposit is received, your last name and state you're from, as well as the preferred sex for your puppy, will appear on this page.  It will be updated whenever there's a change, so folks will know exactly where they stand in getting a pup.

beagle puppy waiting list deposit Make your Beagle Puppy Waiting List Deposit here. beagle puppy waiting list deposit

***No new deposits currently being accepted.***

Thank you for your interest in our Beagles!