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Frequently Asked Questions

(we are in the process of adding to our list -- more coming soon)

What is your inclement weather policy?

What is your cancellation policy?

Are deposits necessary?

Why is a 25% discount given to 'On Call Hunters'?

Why do you have a 'Young Hunters Free' program?

How far ahead of time should I book my hunt?

What's the weather going to be like?

What gear should I bring?

When and where do we meet?

Do you guarantee game?

Where do you hunt?

Do you offer transportation?

Is lunch included with the trip?

How many hunters can you handle at one time?

Are there other things to do in the area?

Can you arrange for butcher and/or taxidermy work?

What about taking kids?

What do I need for licenses?

Can I get references?

Is Miller Outdoors a full time operation, or a sideline?

Is my guide properly licensed?

Which credit cards do you accept?



Q. Cancellation Policies

A. By making a reservation with Miller Outdoors you acknowledge that your deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.  There are no refunds for cancellations made by the client. Due to the fact that your deposit secures our services for a specific time; unless we can book someone in your place, it will not be refundable.  There is no grace period, or cancellation period in which a refund will be issued.


Cancellations due to inclement weather are solely at the discretion of the guide service alone.  If you have a 3-day hunt scheduled and the first day is terrible weather, and we cancel due to the weather, that does not mean the the following two days are also cancelled.  In the event of an inclement weather cancellation, we will refund you that day's portion of our fee, or re-book you for a mutually convenient time -- whichever you prefer.  We have no intentions of hunting in a downpour or a hurricane, but please bring waterproof and warm gear in anticipation of some of the nasty weather that New England can go through during the hunting season.  Credit card deposits cannot be disputed, as your making a reservation implies your acceptance, and knowledge of our cancellation policies.  You will be told about our cancellation policies when making a reservation verbally, and referred to this notice.



Q. Deposits

A. 50% deposit must be received within 10 days of booking hunt.  The balance is due upon arrival.  Deposits are necessary to hold your date(s) of hunting.  Due to the fact that your deposit secures our services for a specific time; unless we can book someone in your place, it will not be refundable.

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Q. On Call Hunters

A. We offer this discount because it is a better alternative to us than having an unexpected cancellation cause us down time.  When we have an unexpected opening, we will contact you 1-10 days in advance.  If it is possible for you to hunt on those days we will take 25% off of our normal rates.  Let us know if you're interested in being put on our list...

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Q. Best time to book

A. We recommend that you book your hunt as soon as possible to secure your choice of dates.  Too many folks wait until the last minute;  by then it's too late.  We do have a few openings for this season, but are steadily booking for next season.

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Q. Do you guarantee game?

A. No, we do not guarantee game.  All the game animals that we hunt are wild, thus mother nature and your shooting ability play important roles in hunting.  There really is no point in guaranteeing game.  This is a marketing ploy by other second rate guides to get you to feel warm and cozy about booking your trip with them.  The truth is, nobody can guarantee game.  While we believe that we put in more quality scouting time than any guides out there, we make no guarantees.  There are many things that we can control; game is not one of them.  We do guarantee that we will work hard to get you in an environment where the chances are the best available.  That's what we do.  Our livelihood, reputation and business depends on it.

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Q. Where do you hunt?

A. We hunt all over northern New Hampshire -- depending on the game animal.  The game animal that we're after dictates where we offer our hunts. If you have a special request for a specific area of the state, we may be able to work that out, however conditions may not allow us to have the best day in that area.  Nothing is set in stone, but, for the most part, we focus on northern NH.  Ask about specifics for anything that you'd like to hunt.

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Q. Do you offer transportation?

A. Yes, we do offer transportation, but only under certain circumstances - and only if discussed beforehand.  Contact us for details.

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Q. Is lunch included with the trip?

A. No, we do not offer food of any kind.  We do not have a license with the health department to offer or sell prepared food.  Most places we hunt have area restaurants or sandwich shops. Or you may bring your own.

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Q. What's the weather going to be like?

A. It's important to dress appropriately for whatever Mother Nature may throw at us.  Visit (zip code is 03588) to get an idea on the NH forecast a few days before your scheduled trip, or call and ask us what we expect the weather to be.  We monitor the weather closely.

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Q. What gear should I bring?

A. That depends on the time of year, and the game being hunted.  Contact us for a list of recommended gear for your specific trip.

Think layers of warm waterproof clothing, not bulky heavy coats, etc.  When it's cold, your feet and hands are most important.  Bring wool, or other thin, insulating materials.  It's hard to beat wool for it's warmth -- even when wet.  If you look after your feet, hands and head first, the task of keeping the rest of your body comfortable becomes far easier.

For hunts in December through March:  Sorrel type boots, w/ rubber bottoms and a leather upper are a must w/ a minimum of 400 grams Thinsulate, or felt liners.  No matter the claims, no leather footwear is ever completely waterproof.  It's best to treat it with some sort of beeswax, or other leather waterproofer.  Wool socks, heavy duty thermal underwear, warm hat and warm Gortex gloves or mittens, should definitely be on your list.

Rain gear must be quiet and camouflage for successful trophy hunting.  Warm heavy duty waterproof Gortex rain gear.

Don't forget your camera!

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Q. When and where do we meet?

A. That will depend on where we'll be hunting.  The meeting time and place will be discussed before hand, and will be printed on the Invoice/Confirmation that we send you after receiving your deposit.

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Q. How many hunters can you handle at one time?

A. We can handle a fairly large group.  In short, we can handle any number, but request that larger groups book early, so we can make the necessary preparations.

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Q. Are there other things to do in the area?

A. There are a multitude of things to do in NH.  Whether it's hunting varmint after you've filled your tag, to shopping for a non-hunting spouse, or fishing, kayaking or hiking -- we'll work with you to ensure that there are adequate activities available to ensure everyone has a great trip.

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Q. Can you arrange for butcher and/or taxidermy work?

A. We offer referrals for both butcher and taxidermy work.  We'll do everything that we can to get your meat and/or mount handled in the best possible way.

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Q. What about taking kids? Why do you have a 'Young Hunters Free' program?

A. Not only do we allow children to hunt, but we encourage it.  We strongly encourage you to bring a young hunter FREE.  This helps to provide positive, exciting activities for young hunters and helps to ensure the future of hunting.  Young hunters up to age 17 hunt with us at NO CHARGE.  These hunters MUST posses basic hunting safety knowledge, be licensed if applicable by law, and be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Only one free young hunter per paid adult.  Free young hunters do not count in total number of hunters for group rates or discounts.

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Q. What do I need for licenses?

A. For small game, you need a small game license.

For big game, such as deer, bear, coyote and moose you need a big game license.

Moose also require a state fee and you MUST win a permit by lottery.  Go to our 'Moose Hunting' page to see these details.

Turkey, bear, muzzle-loader, and bow also require an additional tag, or special license.

Click the link 'Hunting License Information', to the left to be taken to the State of NH's website, where you can see all license details and even purchase your hunting license online, if you wish.  You can also buy them at any Walmart or Kmart, and most hardware stores in the state. You MUST provide proof of current hunting license in your home state (or hunter eductation certificate) when getting your NH hunting license.

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Q. Can I get references?

A. Sure can.  Just ask.

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Q. Full-time business, or sideline?

A. Miller Outdoors is a full-time commitment for us, both during the hunting season and off season.  Our success doesn't just happen -- it's the result of consistent year-round, full-time work in research, scouting and learning.  We want to be sure that we have done everything humanly possible to insure that you have the opportunity for a quality hunt.  No matter how you cut it, a part-time guide just cannot give a full-time commitment.

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Q. Properly licensed?

A. You may think this is a foolish question, but believe me, the time to check it out is before you book a hunt.  As a registered New Hampshire Guide, we hold the highest degree of Guide License awarded by the State of New Hampshire.

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Q. Credit cards

A. We gladly accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express through our secure online payment processor. Credit cards are ONLY accepted via. our website.

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