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Whitetail Deer Hunt

We are no longer offering deer stand rentals or deer hunts due to the consistently unrealistic expectations of a significant portion of deer hunters, likely due to the canned deer hunts prevalent on television nowadays. That's simply not what real deer hunting is like in this part of the world.

Deer hunting NH

New Hampshire doesn't have the number of deer that a lot of southern states boast. In fact, due to the nature of our rugged terrain, the local licensed hunter success rate is approximately 12%, and that's over the entire season. Generally, this is "big buck" territory. 200+ pound bucks are not all that uncommon. It's also not uncommon to go five or six full days without seeing deer. Big bucks don't get to be big because they hang around with a bunch immature deer.  This is big woods and you will generally be hunting one to three specific, large deer.

As with all of our hunts, we'd like to encourage you to bring a young hunter Free*.  We feel that it is very important to promote hunting with our younger people and strongly believe that this is the single-most important thing that we each can do to ensure the continued enjoyment of the outdoors for everyone.

We feature a semi-guided deer hunt / tree stand or ground blind rental...

To book/reserve your hunt online contact us.

Semi - Guided Hunt

*You're shown your stands (tree stands or ground blinds) the evening before or the morning of your hunts.
*Most stands are 2-man ladder stands, with a weight limit of 500 pounds - great for sharing a hunt with a young hunter or friend.
*You take your vehicle to stands each day.
*You're responsible for handling your game.

$100 per stand per day

Lodging can be included. $33/person/night. Minimum nightly group charge of $85.

NH Whitetail Deer Hunting

The Hunt: We pre-scout our hunting territory to ensure that you'll have a stand in a good area.  Deer are certainly not behind every tree, or seen every day, or even every week - but hunting from one of our stands gets you well ahead of the curve.  Not everyone has the time to spend in the woods before the season, and our stands are popular with folks who want to increase their odds.

License Requirement and Cost: Click here for NH hunting license rates

Deposit Required: A 50% deposit must be received within 10 days of booking hunt.  The balance is due upon arrival.  Deposits are necessary to hold your date(s) of hunting.  Due to the fact that your deposit secures our services for a specific time; unless we can book someone in your place, it will not be refundable.

Bag Limit: 1 per hunter

Items to Bring: Orange vest, compass, hunting knife, waterproof outerwear, waterproof boots and socks all according to season. Shotgun: 20 or 12 ga. with slugs or 00 buck, Rifle: anything that you shoot well -- .243 and up recommended, no full metal jacket ammo -- soft point premium ammo. recommended, flashlight, lighter, camera or camcorder.

Click here to view a tentative schedule of anticipated hunts.

NH Deer Hunting
NH Deer Hunting
NH Deer Hunting

Sometimes, when you're tracking deer on snow, you wonder who's tracking who.  :o)

It's not hard to tell how old this rub is... (notice bark on top of that morning's snow)

It's also pretty easy to tell that this is a very fresh scrape...

New Hampshire hunting at its finest!  The NH outdoors is a great place to be and enjoy.

(this is a photo of a nice doe that posed for the camera to say 'hi' while scouting in early September)

Deer hunting in NH     NH deer hunting

2 rubs -- made by a northern NH 'big boy'!

Contact us today, and you'll be enjoying a great hunt before you know it!